Patricia Piccinini, New Myths of Our Time

Experience Patricia Piccinini’s alluring yet disquieting futurist universe, inhabited by hybrid mythical creatures and mutated human beings. In this video, Piccinini – one of the most acclaimed Australian artists – reveals the thoughts behind her sculptural work, which is about relationships and how we treat others.

Patricia Piccinini, Studio Life

In preparation for the exhibition ‘Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection‘, it was necessary to make progress visits to Piccinini’s studio in Melbourne to keep pace with her immense creative output. With so much to say about her work, and so many interesting people responsible for a giddying array of techniques, it was important that we record these visits to share. I made the pilgrimage with the Gallery cinematographer on three occasions to capture the work flow and listen to Piccinini’s ideas evolve, with so much activity to document, filming days stretched into the night. Back in Brisbane we sorted through days of footage to construct this immensely watchable introduction to the artist, her studio, and her new artworks.

Patricia Piccinini: A Dark Fairytale

A portrait of world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, famous for her bizarre creatures. See a pivotal moment of change as she creates a new body of work that includes Skywhale - a massive hot-air-balloon.

The Bizarre Silicone World of Patricia Piccinini

Stephen Heyman interviews Patricia Piccinini for the International New York Times.

Comciencia named in Art Newspaper Top 10

The exhibition at CCBB Rio, was named as having the second most daily visitors in the annual survey. While both Rio and Brasilia made it into the Top 10 Contemporary.

Patricia Piccinini on the art of push and pull

Her work is specific and universal, enticing and discomforting, recognisable and elusive - what are the driving forces behind the art of Patricia Piccinini?

Sydney Morning Herald, April 2015

Patricia Piccinini straddles the line between delight and discomfort by Andrew Stephens

Huffington Post

The Love Affair Between Women Artists And Nature by Priscilla Frank

Robyn Archer & Patricia Piccinini at the Sculpture: space and place symposium

A discussion of The Skywhale at the National Gallery of Australia 11 May 2013

The Multispecies Salon

Donna Harraway's essay on Patricia Piccinini and companion species.


A Critical Analysis of Patricia Piccinini's Art: Re-presenting Biotechnology


Imagining the Posthuman: Patricia Piccinini and the Art of Simulation by Kim Toffoletti

Patricia Piccinini by Jane Messenger

A 148-page hard-cover catalogue published to coincide with 'Once Upon A Time' exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Distributed by Thames and Hudson.

Nearly Beloved by Helen McDonald

The first major publication on Patricia Piccinini. This book reproduces and discusses all Piccinini's major works.

Those Who Dream By Night

A video where Patricia discusses the work in her Haunch of Venison exhibition, Those Who Dream By Night.

The Making of 'Quasimodo's Dream' featuring GOTYE, PERFECT TRIPOD & PATRICIA PICCININI

Art Intelligence

Patricia Piccinini: Art Intelligence is a new iPad app devoted to Patricia's practice. It is the first of series of artist apps and is available for download from the iTunes store.

The Skywhale: First Flight

Video documentation of the first flight of the Skywhale in the Mount Arapiles region of western Victoria.

The Skywhale: In her natural habitat

More footage of the Skywhale in flight.

Why Australian artists find it so hard to get international recognition

An article in the Australian Financial Review 'Arts Issue' by Jane O'Sullivan examining the experiences of Australian visual artists working internationally.

h+ magazine

Arts: The Parahuman Sculpture of Patricia Piccinini, Posthumanity and What It Really Means to be Human

Huffingington Post

Patricia Piccinini's Polarizing Hot-Air Balloon Sculpture, 'Skywhale,' Revealed In Australia by Nicholas Forrest, BLOUIN ARTINFO

EMAHO Magazine

Who doesn't like a cute little bunny rabbit? Patricia Piccinini interviewed by Hillary Devaney

Weird Fiction Review

Patricia Piccinini's Mythic Imagination by Nancy Hightower


On Patricia Piccinnini, posted by John Matthews


Patricia Piccinini by Clara Rodriguez Arasanz

the Vine

In Defence of the Skywhale - Canberra's Wonder of the World by The Hairy Pony

Anna Likes Art

A review of Those Who Dream By Night at haunch of Venison in London.

whitehot magazine

February 2013: Patricia Piccinini at Haunch of Venison by Giovanni Aloi

Mother Courage by Walter Robinson. Patricia Piccinini at Haunch of Venison New York

New York Times Review, 2005

The Line Between Species Shifts, and a Show Explores the Move, a review of Becoming Animal at MassMOCA